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 "One of the best newcomers in the scene having elements of relentless thrash, hardcore and death metal, almost serving as a new age Sepultura."

-Alex Haber-Heavy New York

       On a cold February day in 2018 Gil Vives, Randy Reiser, and Amir Jairazbhoy would begin discussing their musical journey together over some beers in a New York City bar. The trio would begin writing what would ultimately be their debut album “March To Your Grave” all while finding the final piece of the puzzle with the addition of George Garcia in October 2018. Two months later they would play their first show together to a sold-out crowd at Gussy’s Bar & Grill in Queens, NY as Final Siege. The band would release their debut album “March To Your Grave” on August 6th, 2021 independently. In November of 2022 co founding members Amir Jairazbhoy and Randy Reiser would take a step back from Final Siege as the band would be moving into the next phase of development.


       As of April 15th, 2023 Final Siege would find their new permanent members in Ameer "The Beheader" Aljallad on drums and Rob Maldonado on guitar. The band’s musical influences consist of Death, Thrash, and Groove metal. The lyrical content behind the music reflects on acts of rebellion, war, and the mental toll of living in a war torn state. Final Siege have performed alongside national acts Suffocation, Atheist, Wrath, Enforcer, DRI, and Warbringer.

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